I looked into his eyes and I knew, it is something more than life. But what is it that is more than life? A dream….The one which takes you away and beyond the horizon, your little world. If it was a dream, then it will vanish as soon as I open my eyes. This doesn’t seem to have come to leave. I felt it like a part of me and how can a part of self be taken away. It is always there, sometimes disguised, sometimes exposed. So what exactly is it? It is something deep within me, getting reflected in someone, someone who looks so new, so fresh. Sometimes a stranger, sometimes the dearest friend. An experience beyond words. All I have are words to express it. These days words are giving me a medium to dive deep within and every time I do, I emerge renewed, ever in awe of life’s wonders. Every moment is the turning point. A tiniest action of ours today, is shaping our tomorrow and even our very next moment. This is when it all began. One fine day, strangers crossed their ways. But there was nothing strange in the faint feelings within. I knew or may be I didn’t knew, but it was something coming towards me, for me — to stay, to take me on a tour to a new realm of life. It came like a wonder and it stayed like a wonder. Everyday it is adding more wonders to my journey and I am feeling wonderful, being amazed.

Even if all about existence is unpredictable, certain uncertainties seem to be very familiar. This odd pair of eyes, a heart pounding far away but giving meaning to my being every second. We all are connected but we are strangers also. It takes a wonder to bring you close to what was always connected, yet strange. Now that feeling is no more a stranger, but still a wonder — unexplained, untitled! Strange and familiar, much like this incomplete prose…..waiting for my stranger to complete it.

Living one day at a time… Antevasi. Architect. Urban Planner. Amateur Painter. Avid Reader. New at writing.