Strange are the rules of life
Strange are its ways
Strange are the games it play
And strangers come to sway

Strange is the morning
that blossoms with surprise
Strange is the night
which makes sun hide

So is the path that goes to nowhere
One day I‘ll leave, not come back here

Strange is the sky
that left undivided
while marking the boundaries
O Earth! You were bounded

Nothing is alike
Life cry to strive
In the realm of differences,
same is the sky

Strange is this truth
your canvas full of color
Despite, one roof
no separation to…

We all strive to become the best version of our own self…. but we also one way or the other, fall in the trap of all the so-called definitions of life, love etc. and end up directing ourselves to be someone we are not.

Then, one day reality strikes. You are happy, content, joyful and surrounded by colossal reflections of your own consciousness that convey a wide range of emotions. When these reflections hit your mirror repeatedly, they produce blemishes; you neglect to wipe. But this is not who you are.

The impressions keep piling up and you think this…

The salutations begin a letter, and the writer signs off at the end.
A lovely tale amid the two…..
Perhaps a piece of someone’s heart, an apology, suffering, or a memory
You pour your heart and soul into a sheet of paper

The experience of getting to know and unknowing someone is no different….
It all begins with a greeting when you meet someone new.
In a matter of days, greetings are forgotten.

Then comes life’s drama, which is meticulously designed to take you on a roller coaster ride.
Two strangers embark on a trip together, sharing joyful and painful memories…

I looked into his eyes and I knew, it is something more than life. But what is it that is more than life? A dream….The one which takes you away and beyond the horizon, your little world. If it was a dream, then it will vanish as soon as I open my eyes. This doesn’t seem to have come to leave. I felt it like a part of me and how can a part of self be taken away. It is always there, sometimes disguised, sometimes exposed. So what exactly is it? It is something deep within me, getting reflected in someone, someone who looks so new, so fresh. Sometimes a stranger, sometimes the dearest friend. An experience beyond words. All I have are words to express it. These days words are giving me a medium to dive deep within and every time I do, I emerge renewed, ever in awe of life’s wonders. Every moment is the turning point. A tiniest action of ours today, is shaping our tomorrow and even our very next moment. This is when it all began. One fine day, strangers crossed their ways. But there was nothing strange in the faint feelings within. I knew or may be I didn’t knew, but it was something coming towards me, for me — to stay, to take me on a tour to a new realm of life. It came like a wonder and it stayed like a wonder. Everyday it is adding more wonders to my journey and I am feeling wonderful, being amazed.

Even if all about existence is unpredictable, certain uncertainties seem to be very familiar. This odd pair of eyes, a heart pounding far away but giving meaning to my being every second. We all are connected but we are strangers also. It takes a wonder to bring you close to what was always connected, yet strange. Now that feeling is no more a stranger, but still a wonder — unexplained, untitled! Strange and familiar, much like this incomplete prose…..waiting for my stranger to complete it.

A firm believer of speaking

Saying what matters you the most

Before the right moment, the right time is gone

Always wondering….

Will words ever be enough to express something so deep?

Something which marks your existence?

Which makes you who you are?

After everything said and done….still remains somethings unsaid, undone…

The unsaid is as mystifying as said

The unsaid now looks more meaningful

Words once said, loose their power

The unsaid…

Makes you less vulnerable

It reminds you, what you stand for

To let go…

Silently and to embrace

what is left after the said…

You and the unsaid…

Marion Vinot

Today read a tweet by a renowned actor, “ One thought that broke most of the dreams — what will people say?”

Being a narcissist some times, my first reaction was, no, no, I don’t live my life by this rule. But this one line didn’t leave me there. I kept introspecting on it. Do I really don’t abide by this idea? Or am I being a little ignorant of my wrongs?

Actually, the answer to both the questions is “No”. I abide by this idea and I could recognise it, so I am not being ignorant either. In fact…

As Gibran Khalil describes in his poem

Do not love half lovers
Do not entertain half friends
Do not indulge in works of the half talented
Do not live half a life
and do not die a half death

All of us had been living half
Do you remember a time,
when you were complete in that moment?
When you were all in or all out?
When there was no in between?
No doubt
No confusion
Just full you
Full me

Even the smallest of things that we do, we do them half

Even the things that we are doing…

Yesterday, a dear friend narrated

losing a childhood friend to corona

and he was so shattered

I wanted to console him

but being someone, who has never felt such loss before

I was short of words

How do we console someone who lost a dear one?

What do we say to them, that help keep their sane?

How can we make them feel taken care of?

Or do we let them feel the pain in that moment?

To go through the experience and grow through it!

I felt his pain deeply

but all I could do was listen and pray

Love… billions of us exist on this planet

with billions of definitions of Love

Here, a sneak peek into my definition of love

My master told me,

“Love is your very nature” __Sri Sri

and I wondered, then why I feel it more sometimes and not all times!

Then happens — First Love

To me it is not any fantasy

To me it is not an object of attachment

To me it is not just a passing by feeling

To me it is a responsibility

Responsibility to care, to look after, to nourish

To listen, to learn, to share and…

Van Gogh Night Visions

Before going in the lap of sleep….

Heard “The Voice”

The voice called Self…. the voice unheard…. the voice sometimes dancing with joy

And other times, veiled with grief

The voice so true

Yet so unbelievable, yet so superficial

Before going in the lap of sleep….

I talked to “The Voice”

The voice asked

What if????

And left me with no answer

I replied, “nothing”

The voice said

But you know, “What if?”

And I knew, no answer to What if?

There is no space for What if?

The Voice then asked

Why do you ponder so much on what if?

And tonight in the lap of sleep….

Me and you will wonder, why we lived all our lives on what if!!

And what if, there is no what if?

Won’t we live in every moment?

Won’t we celebrate “the voice” within?

Nidhi Aggarwal

Living one day at a time… Antevasi. Architect. Urban Planner. Amateur Painter. Avid Reader. New at writing.

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