Marion Vinot

Today read a tweet by a renowned actor, “ One thought that broke most of the dreams — what will people say?”

Being a narcissist some times, my first reaction was, no, no, I don’t live my life by this rule. But this one line didn’t leave me there. I kept introspecting on it. Do I really don’t abide by this idea? Or am I being a little ignorant of my wrongs?

Actually, the answer to both the questions is “No”. I abide by this idea and I could recognise it, so I am not being ignorant either. In fact, it gave me another beautiful insight about myself. I observed how I really acknowledge so many wonderful ideas and I believe in them. But, believing alone is not enough. Believing is incomplete without living.

As the popular saying follows, “Be easier said than done.” The thought of losing people, relations, sometimes name, fame keep pushing us into a life of what people will say and what should they say, rather.

Jay Shetty has impeccably said in his book “Think like a monk”,

I am not what I think I am; I am not what you think I am; I am what I think you think I am.

Writing this because I had a recent encounter with this idea of myself. Just thinking of it made me realise, how big a burden it is and we seldom pay attention to it. This attitude of relating ourselves to people around just comes to us naturally, as we have a tendency to make relations, to have someone or the other in our life. We forget we are complete, with them or without them. I am not against having people in our lives. Having someone to complete you is not how it should be. If you are taking a risk, then take it, live through its outcomes — success or failure. Do not mould the beauty of the event in your insecurities of “what will people say?” The moment you relate any event of your life, any decision of yours to someone else, Remember! You just lost it.

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