Van Gogh Night Visions

Before going in the lap of sleep….

Heard “The Voice”

The voice called Self…. the voice unheard…. the voice sometimes dancing with joy

And other times, veiled with grief

The voice so true

Yet so unbelievable, yet so superficial

Before going in the lap of sleep….

I talked to “The Voice”

The voice asked

What if????

And left me with no answer

I replied, “nothing”

The voice said

But you know, “What if?”

And I knew, no answer to What if?

There is no space for What if?

The Voice then asked

Why do you ponder so much on what if?

And tonight in the lap of sleep….

Me and you will wonder, why we lived all our lives on what if!!

And what if, there is no what if?

Won’t we live in every moment?

Won’t we celebrate “the voice” within?