Strange are the rules of life
Strange are its ways
Strange are the games it play
And strangers come to sway

Strange is the morning
that blossoms with surprise
Strange is the night
which makes sun hide

So is the path that goes to nowhere
One day I‘ll leave, not come back here

Strange is the sky
that left undivided
while marking the boundaries
O Earth! You were bounded

Nothing is alike
Life cry to strive
In the realm of differences,
same is the sky

Strange is this truth
your canvas full of color
Despite, one roof
no separation to declare

Strange is the freedom
free of cultures, appearances and wealths
taking me down the wrench

Strange is your love and hue
holding me, as if you had a clue
One day, I will hit the ground
and look up to heal my wound

Strange and strangers
had nothing and all
Strange is the horizon
and so is the fall…

Living one day at a time… Antevasi. Architect. Urban Planner. Amateur Painter. Avid Reader. New at writing.