The salutations begin a letter, and the writer signs off at the end.
A lovely tale amid the two…..
Perhaps a piece of someone’s heart, an apology, suffering, or a memory
You pour your heart and soul into a sheet of paper

The experience of getting to know and unknowing someone is no different….
It all begins with a greeting when you meet someone new.
In a matter of days, greetings are forgotten.

Then comes life’s drama, which is meticulously designed to take you on a roller coaster ride.
Two strangers embark on a trip together, sharing joyful and painful memories, understanding, unlearning, and rejoicing in each other’s company.
Still, despite the fact that the show must go on, you decide to put the drama on hold.
It’s time for you to sign off…..
Whether it was a happy or tragic experience, I believe this is the most difficult part.

Signing off is more than just a way to mark the end of one chapter and the start of a new one.
How you sign off reveals a lot about your journey.
In the drama, how well or poorly were you accommodated?
How much love did you offer, and how much pain are you leaving behind?
The sign off isn’t just a jumble of a few words…. it’s the summary of a writer’s main body of letter.
Short but sweet….
I’m going to sign off…

Living one day at a time… Antevasi. Architect. Urban Planner. Amateur Painter. Avid Reader. New at writing.