Love… billions of us exist on this planet

with billions of definitions of Love

Here, a sneak peek into my definition of love

My master told me,

“Love is your very nature” __Sri Sri

and I wondered, then why I feel it more sometimes and not all times!

Then happens — First Love

To me it is not any fantasy

To me it is not an object of attachment

To me it is not just a passing by feeling

To me it is a responsibility

Responsibility to care, to look after, to nourish

To listen, to learn, to share and a reason to smile more

But do i really need a reason to smile?? Irony!

Love is like an opportunity to appreciate the beauty around

To find good in someone, more than flaws

To be more enthusiastic

Love… is like food for soul

It is like finding your happy place

Were things different before it?

Actually, things were always the same

Because you are love

Only difference — now you relate more to an individual

And it is the time to move from small mind to big mind

Now you transcend that individual

Love enters our life as a wake up call

As a reminder to know our own self more

How beautifully he said “Love is my very nature”

And even more beautiful is his way

of making me experience that knowledge

In Love always…

As Papon sings in his song

“Dhoond hi loge mujhe tum har jagah ab to
Mujhko khabar hai

Ho gaya hun tera jab se, Main hawa mein hoon
Tera asar hai”

So, what is your definition of love?

Living one day at a time… Antevasi. Architect. Urban Planner. Amateur Painter. Avid Reader. New at writing.