Yesterday, a dear friend narrated

losing a childhood friend to corona

and he was so shattered

I wanted to console him

but being someone, who has never felt such loss before

I was short of words

How do we console someone who lost a dear one?

What do we say to them, that help keep their sane?

How can we make them feel taken care of?

Or do we let them feel the pain in that moment?

To go through the experience and grow through it!

I felt his pain deeply

but all I could do was listen and pray

I was short of words

From so many days, we all had been coming across

our kith and kins being caught by virus

feeling helpless and losing loved ones

While some of us struggle to keep good physical health

others are fighting their own demons of mental health

as life is never perfect

and we get stuck in minor troubles

I was complaining since weeks that things are not happening the way I want them to

But talking to him I felt

how small my troubles and challenges are

in front of someone at such an enormous loss

and I was short of words

to console….

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