We all strive to become the best version of our own self…. but we also one way or the other, fall in the trap of all the so-called definitions of life, love etc. and end up directing ourselves to be someone we are not.

Then, one day reality strikes. You are happy, content, joyful and surrounded by colossal reflections of your own consciousness that convey a wide range of emotions. When these reflections hit your mirror repeatedly, they produce blemishes; you neglect to wipe. But this is not who you are.

The impressions keep piling up and you think this is you. But are you? Time passes and molding with every mark left on you, you are not you anymore. You are already living the life with someone else’s eyes, understandings, misconceptions and ideas.

And one fine day, you sit down with yourself and ask, “Whats going on?”

Is this who you were before those impressions entered your system?

The answer will always be no. So, now is the time to clean those impressions and be you.

As Sri Sri says, “You are love, you are joy and you are peace.”

Living one day at a time… Antevasi. Architect. Urban Planner. Amateur Painter. Avid Reader. New at writing.